Information on Contraception

Our Aim: Ensure high levels of awareness of contraception and contraceptive services so as to increase consistent and correct use of contraception for at-risk groups.

The HSE Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme recognises consistent use of contraception as the best way to prevent unplanned pregnancy and focuses on condom use in reducing sexually transmitted infections. Our research has shown which groups are less likely to use contraception every time they have sex and allowed us to direct programmes where they are most needed.
The Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme runs targeted information campaigns to increase knowledge of contraception and available services. The Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme also works to support and inform contraceptive service providers, such as GPs and pharmacists, to improve access to contraceptive services and to support more consistent use.

Key actions / Work in this area:

  • Working with primary healthcare providers to standardise practice in the prevention and management of crisis pregnancy.
  •  A major contraception information campaign: ‘Think Contraception’, which promotes awareness of sexual health services and the range of contraceptive options available ( The CPP also runs Contraception 35-55 – a sexual health and contraception campaign for older women, aged 35-55, with online information hosted on the Think Contraception website.
  • Sexual-health outreach work with young adults, through a large-scale national condom-dissemination and contraception-awareness programme as part of the Think Contraception campaign, in locations such as pubs and clubs, festivals and college Fresher and Sexual Health Awareness weeks.

Information and resources:

The Think Contraception campaign for sexually active 18–24 year olds aims to promote consistent contraceptive use. It also provides a guide to contraceptive methods and information on sexually transmitted infections. The campaign website,, is a source of information for men and women living in Ireland who want to learn more about their sexual and reproductive health, especially contraception. –A sexual health education initiative that was developed to support teenagers, specifically 14-16 year olds, to make healthy, responsible decisions about relationships and sexual health and provides age appropriate information on contraception.
Contraception 35-55 – A fertility and contraception awareness campaign to address the finding that women aged 35-55 were a group at risk of crisis pregnancy, mainly due to lack of knowledge around fertility.

Please also see the Contraception area of the site. Contraception resources can be found here.

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