Information and Publications for Professionals

The HSE Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme runs two main contraception information campaigns: The Think Contraception campaign for sexually active 18–24 year olds and Contraception 35-55, a fertility and contraception awareness campaign to address the finding that women aged 35-55 were a group at risk of crisis pregnancy, mainly due to lack of knowledge around fertility. See  for more details.

The Programme also runs an information campaign on emergency contraception.

Contraception information leaflets available to download and order

Think Contraception

Emergency Contraception

Contraception 35-55

Guidelines and training for professionals

Training in Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC)

The Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme supported the Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP) to roll out a new, externally accredited training programme for primary healthcare professionals in methods and use of LARC.

Research from the UK found that LARC can be effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies. 

Over 100 new tutors were trained in LARC through additional grant funding provided by the Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme to the ICGP in 2012 (part-funding model), which will facilitate the continued roll-out of this training to GPs and family planning practitioners nationwide. For further details click here

Primary care guidelines for the prevention and management of crisis pregnancy

Information for GPs on crisis pregnancy counselling, support and information plus referral procedures and information on ante-natal and post-abortion care.  You can view and download a copy of these guidelines here.

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