Unplanned Pregnancy?

We’re here to help you. There are many support services to help you during and after a crisis pregnancy, whatever choice  you make. For more information about free crisis pregnancy counselling services in your area, freetext “list” to 50444 or visit www.positiveoptions.ie.

Free, non-judgemental counselling can help you to:

  • Work through your feelings about the pregnancy.
  • Get support in dealing with the shock and distress you may be feeling so that you can move on from the crisis.
  • Discuss your choices – parenting, adoption and, if requested, abortion.
  • Get help in telling your partner, friends and family about the pregnancy, if you need it.
  • Get practical information on your rights and entitlements, and the supports available if you’re in education or if you’re working.
  • Get referral to other helpful services such as GPs, medical services, supported accommodation services or specialist adoption agencies if you wish.

Advice for helping a friend or partner experiencing crisis pregnancy

Most women rely on the support of a friend, a partner or family member to help them deal with a crisis pregnancy. Just being a good listener can make all the difference to a woman in crisis. Use the Positive Options website or leaflet for details of how to get extra help or advice, such as professional counselling support, information about parenting, adoption, abortion and other useful services during and after pregnancy.

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