Think Contraception says ‘Relax – Johnny’s got you covered’

HSE Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme launches new phase of its sexual health campaign

The HSE Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme has launched a new sexual health promotion campaign to encourage consistent use of contraception among sexually active young adults.  The new phase of the Think Contraception campaign will use TV sponsorships, on-the-street promotion, poster and digital advertising and social media connections to promote its key message, that when it comes to risk of STIs or unplanned pregnancy – Johnny’s got you covered.

Research commissioned by the HSE has shown that 20% of 18 – 25 year olds did not report consistent use of contraception in the last year, (ICCP, 2012).  Johnny will encourage young men and women, the vast majority of whom have had sexual intercourse by the time they reach 25, to plan for, and consistently use condoms to protect against unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Dr. Stephanie O’Keeffe, Director of the Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme, outlines the approach taken to this year’s campaign.  ‘Think Contraception has proven to be effective and popular, particularly with young adults, and we want to build on that success to ensure our messages stay fresh and keeps working.  We also wanted to extend the campaign this year to directly address both contraception and sexually transmitted infections.  The common denominator that protects against both is condoms – and who better to remind young people of that, than Johnny.’

‘During the latter half of 2012, Think Contraception is sponsoring key TV programmes (The Inbetweeners & Republic of Telly) watched by the core audience of this campaign, adults aged 18 – 25. The sponsorship stings, feature a new character called Johnny, who will help get our messages across in a new and entertaining way.’

‘Johnny represents the safety and reassurance of using a condom, but we also think that his particular enigmatic charm and sharp sense of style adds a little extra something to our sponsorship stings.  Johnny has been appearing at public events and festivals throughout the summer, and is available online at his personal Twitter account @thinkjohnny and on his facebook page ‘Johnny’s got you covered’.’

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