The HSE Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme’s Research & Policy function:

  • Strategically invests in research as a means of understanding the context in which crisis pregnancy is happening
  • Has published over 35 research reports on areas relating to fertility, crisis pregnancy, sexual health, contraception and reproductive decision-making, including four nationally representative surveys
  • Uses evidence to build a case for policy change, stimulate public debate, contribute to service improvement and support long-term planning and evaluation of the work of the Programme, in line with its strategic direction.  Policies concerning sexual health, education, children, welfare and employment all have an impact on individual attitudes, behaviours and experiences in relation to crisis pregnancy prevention and decision-making.

More information on the research activities and the policy function of the Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme can be found in the About Us section of the site.

For a full list of our research reports please click here.

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