Information for Young People

Dealing with relationships can be tough and sometimes it’s hard to know what to believe or how to behave, but there is a lot of information out there to help.

You can trust us. Go to our site for reliable information on everything to do with relationships and sex – from kissing and dealing with pressure from friends, to contraception and why it’s better to wait before you have sex.

Thinking about relationships? Get the facts before you make any big decisions.

Facts and Figures on Teenage Sexuality

How do young people feel about sex education? Why do people have unprotected sex? What is the age of consent in Ireland?

Check out our ‘Facts & Figures on Teenage Sexuality’ to see what Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme research reveals about young people’s attitudes and behaviours when it comes to sex and relationships – whether you are just curious or need information for a project related to the topic.

 Young Social Innovators has lots of information for anyone considering participating in the Young Social Innovators Relationships & Sexual Health Challenge. The ‘Facts & Figures on Teenage Sexuality’ section may be useful in helping you to come up with some ideas for tackling a specific issue in your school or community.



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