Care Guidelines

Key Contact resources

A range of information resources for individuals or organisations that may encounter women experiencing a crisis pregnancy. Click here to view and download Key Contact resources.

Key Contact – Responding to crisis pregnancy

Guidelines on assisting a woman with a crisis pregnancy and directory of helpful services. To view and download these guidelines click here

Key Contact – Primary care guidelines for the prevention and management of crisis pregnancy

Information for GPs on crisis pregnancy counselling, support and information plus referral procedures and information on ante-natal and post-abortion care. Click here.

Key Contact – Directory of supported accommodation for women experiencing crisis pregnancy

Directory of temporary accommodation centres for pregnant young girls and women or lone mothers who may be without a home as a result of crisis pregnancy. Click here.

Key Contact – Reproductive health information for migrant women

Guide to reproductive health care, including crisis pregnancy, and support services in six languages – Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Polish, Romanian and Russian. Click here

Care of a women after abortion

Guidelines on assisting a woman after an abortion and directory of helpful services. You can order a copy of these guidelines by contacting the Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme directly on 01 814 6292.

Guidelines for health professionals working in maternity settings on the care of women with concealed pregnancy

Protocol for health care staff working in maternity settings on responding to patients with a concealed pregnancy Click here

Reporting of disingenuous counselling services

For guidance on how to report the discovery of disingenuous counselling practices please contact the Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme Funding Officer on (01) 8146292.

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