The Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme administers funding to services and projects that support its aims, such as youthwork, counselling and healthcare services. In 2012 the Programme allocated €4.9million to 60 projects. Services funded help to prevent crisis pregnancy and support women, their partners and their families when they experience crisis pregnancy.

Services funded fall into three main areas:

  1. Services and projects offering crisis pregnancy prevention and sexual-health education and support, primarily to young people aged 11-24
  2. Services offering crisis pregnancy counselling and support services
  3. Services that offer support during and after crisis pregnancy, such as parenting initiatives and post termination check-ups and counselling

View a list of service funded by the Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme in 2012: LIST OF FUNDED SERVICES 2012

View a list of services funded by the Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme to provide training to a range of target groups: List of funding training services

How to apply for funding

When new funds are available a funding call will be posted on the website, in national newspapers and in our e-newsletter. You can subscribe to our newsletter through the signup at the bottom of the page.

There is no call for funding at the moment due to the level of the funding commitments. If you are considering making an application in the absence of such a funding call please contact the Funding Officer on (01) 814 62 92 for assistance.

All the forms, such as the application form, explanatory guides and Governance Self-Evaluation Questionnaire can be found here

For any help or queries, please contact the HSE Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme’s Funding Officer on (01) 814 6292 or at

The Funding function of the HSE Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme is now part of the HSE’s Governance Framework for the Funding of Non Statutory Services.

See the criteria for services seeking Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme funding: Funding criteria pdf


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