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The HSE Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme has a range of materials for those working in the field of sexual health, crisis pregnancy support services and the youth work / education sector.

Health information leaflets for order and download

The Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme has developed a range of health information leaflets covering a wide variety of issues including contraception use, crisis pregnancy and sexual health information. These health information leaflets are available to download or to order free. Click here.

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Sex education resources

The Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme has DVDs, leaflets and lesson plans to support teachers and youth workers who are delivering relationships and sexuality education to young people. Click here.

Research summaries

These leaflets are designed to bring the latest Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme research findings into professional practice in a concise, easy-to-read format. Click here.

Research reports

The Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme has published over 35 research reports to date, on a range of topics related to crisis pregnancy and sexual health. To download or order a research report. Click here.

For a full list of our research reports please click here.

Geographical Information System (GIS) Mapping of Projected Service Demand – Crisis Pregnancy Counselling and Post Termination Services

This report provides information on service modelling and locating of services and explores how well the locations of crisis pregnancy counselling services funded by the Crisis Pregnancy Agency (now the HSE Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme) met the estimated demand for these services, based on service, geographical and population data available as at September 2009. The mapping exercise, using geographical information systems, also modelled scenarios to describe optimal service locations, based on population spread and average travel times to services.

For further information about the report contact the Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme Funding Officer on 01 8146292 /

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